Hi there! You’ve reached the OFFICIAL (and so far as is known, ONLY) Charlie Pickard Web Site!!

A site bolstered by 30 years of full-time free-lancing, occasionally before the camera, but mostly as that familiar anonymous voice: selling on the radio, giving meaning to the pictures on your TV, guiding you in the proper ways of artificial insemination in cattle or selecting just the right Caterpillar diesel engine for that backup generator you want to install. A friendly voice on the phone offering first-echelon maintenance tips for your garbage disposal unit, telling you where to take your Black & Decker drill for an overhaul or helping you find the right residency program once you’ve survived you medical internship.

Hey, in 30+ years I’ve just about done it all…yet I remain surprisingly un-gnarly…unless you’d like me to be.

But enough of what I think about me. What do you think of me? Here are a few demos to check out and a list of clients I’ve dealt with.

And though I live and do most of my work in the largest city in the world (named for Christopher Columbus, that is…), thanks to ISDN technology, phones ‘n’ FedEx and the internet I can be where you need me when you need me.

Email me or call me at 614-261-8980 to get the ball rolling. So let’s!